The Two of Us

Off the distant horizon I see me
Looking to see the change I am
I walked away, refusing to kiss genuinely
I found rest void of lust
and oneness emptied of lack

There I stood, now no more
Here I am, stamping crop circles in love’s carpet

In front of me I see them
Expressing kingdom come
their will be gone, now one be done
What she missed she found with him
What he gained he shared with her

Here I stand, now closer
There you are, planting spirit tubers in this garden

Next to us I see you
Shielding us and becoming our balm
not forsaking but right hand held invisibly
We win the more you we become
We love the more us you invade

Here she stands, roots now deeper
There I am, growing patience like a fruit

Behind me I see it
Following us with a covering balm
Never walking away, just them two and us
Goodness and mercy trailing
You cannot stab our backs

Here he stands, now revealed
There we are, hidden in him