I God You

Oceans of perfection descend upon me
a flood of uncontainable heaven
incomprehensible depths cover me
and I am swallowed in the music that it brings
Unreachable horizons inviting me
walk these waters love says to me
ankle deep, knee then waist deep, drowning me in foreverness
A constant hum of I-heart-and-soul-you
wrapped in the identity that is I am who I am
if perfect is love and love is God, I God you
and see past the distance
Pursuing with eternal fervor
longing with wild hunger
for where my love will rest
I run after you
Seeking out your heart
for that cord that, struck, sings back to me
clouds surround you
numbing my hands as I push through
I have to reach you
apple of my eye
rest for my love
perch for this bird
Good thing I’ve found.